WHA offers an immersive, interactive, and social online learning experience

While we believe that technology needs to be used in moderation while educating young students, we also recognize the increasing complexities of our time and believe in developing thoughtful and responsible approaches to technology use. Whether it is due to government mandated limitations on in-person class, students travelling, or simply a desire to home school – we have online learning options that continue to support your child’s academic and social development. 

For the end of the 2019-2020 school year, all of our learning was moved online! 

Our students are having fun and growing together learning online! Here are some highlights of our students learning during the COVID-19 Crisis:


WHA is committed to our families. When faced with a challenge, we rise up and ensure the best possible pathways for providing high quality education and interactions with our students. When the schools closed down we quickly reoriented ourselves to provide online education for all grades. Using a combination of Google Classrooms and Zoom, we’ve been able to continue giving students daily lessons in all subjects. We’re even planning an online production! Students also meet online to do show and tell, to visit their friends, and to showcase some of the work they’ve been doing. 

Students have also been using this time to be creative with technology (click to expand and read):


While we’re very grateful to be able to connect online and continue our learning, we have definitely missed seeing everyone and look forward to when our community can be together again.