Mission, Vision, and Values

We know every student can succeed. And we know that a small school and small classes can create big opportunity. We are a private school serving the families of Guelph and surrounding communities. We have maintain a very low student-to-teacher ratio so that each child can receive the attention they need to truly learn and believe in themselves.
At Wellington Hall Academy, we design personalized educational programs that allow children to succeed, no matter their starting point. No two children learn the same, so our teachers have a flexible approach that harnesses the strengths within each student.
Our Classroom – Our school community has members from many different walks of life and the immersion we provide students enables our students to see values in others and themselves. Our academic program pushes our students to achieve levels that they never thought were possible. We also teach more than just academics at WHA; we teach new ways of thinking and approaching problems. Our small school provides much opportunity for learning to work with others and to develop leadership skills. And we recognize the importance of the arts; our students discover unfound musical, movement, and speaking talents.

Our Playground – An important aspect of our educational philosophy is engagement – both mental and physical. An active student who is excited to learn motivates themselves and others to new levels of potential. Our students are encouraged to play, self-discover, and explore their interests; they develop a strong desire to challenge themselves. This foundation combines to foster a love of learning and a contagious pursuit that has our students excited to come to school. And we know that movement and time in the outdoors is essential to good physical and mental health. Students have two recesses per day and two gym periods per week on the beautiful grounds of Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Our Goals –

  • To develop a sense of self-worth and dignity in each child
  • To create a life-long desire to learn
  • To develop critical thinking and positive work habits
  • To provide a community where each child can meet or exceed their potential