Frequently Asked Questions

Our Junior High division is a new addition to Wellington Hall Academy. Members of our Junior High are not only expected to engage thoughtfully with their academic program, but also to demonstrate leadership in the school and broader community. If your questions are not answered below, please contact us.
Students in grade k-8 are required to wear our uniform. Students of the Junior High must wear jeans (without holes) or uniform pants, a polo shirt of any colour, and black or white indoor running shoes.
Parents and guardians have important responsibilities in making sure their children succeed at the High School Hub:
  • providing the student with all materials needed for success – supplies, reference materials, computers, applications, headphones and other technology
  • connecting with the online high school provider for student concerns that can’t be resolved by the student and the HSH class coordinator
  • agreeing to Wellington Hall Academy guidelines and policies
  • supporting HSH class activities
  • Grades 9-10: $5000 for full year plus the cost of individual courses (~$500 per course with an average cost of $4000, depending how many courses the student takes) OR $3000 per semester, if you attend semester by semester plus the cost of individual courses.
    High School ready students who:
  • want to learn and are determined to complete their online programs
  • are responsible and respectful so that the Junior High classroom is a great place for everyone to learn
  • are committed to attending class regularly and following class rules, just as they would in a traditional high school
  • will work cooperatively with their fellow students and the class coordinator
  • are willing to dress professionally (jeans and a polo) every day
  • Students will have access to an online community of learning through their online courses. In person, the students will be a part of the larger WHA community. They are expected to participate in assemblies and other activities at the school. Their classroom will have peers ranging from grades 7 - 10.
    Students are expected to arrive before 9 am - learning will begin promptly at 9am. From 9-noon students will work on their online courses, participate in group discussions, and work on on-going hands-on activities. They are required to stay in the classroom OR send hourly progress updates to the coordinator if doing distance learning. Students are then give a lunch hour, which they are free to use. In the afternoon students will do leadership activities around the school and finish the day by meeting with on-on-one with the classroom coordinator to discuss what was accomplished and goals for the following day.
    WHA Junior High students will receive more focused attention. The classroom coordinator will be able to work one-on-one to help students work through challenging materials and enrich their online learning experience. The school will also provide a small and tight knit community for the students.
    Yes! If students are doing in-person learning they are required to do their work in a WHA classroom. If online learning, the students are required to check in hourly to demonstrate progress on their work. Consistent failure to check-in will result in a discussion with parents about whether or not the format is working for the student.