High School Hub

NEW for the 2019-20, Wellington Hall will be offering

our small-school advantages to high school students!

Registration is open for our High School Hub for e-learners.

How does it work?

Students enroll in an online high school program that offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses. Then they attend WHA’s High School Hub (HSH) just as they would attend high school. HSH will provide a small-classroom environment with other e-learners. A class coordinator will supervise and support the class as students work on their individual online courses.

The class coordinator will support students with:

  • staying on task and moving through their programs
  • organizing materials and tracking due dates and deadlines
  • utilizing all assistance and features of their online programs
  • developing small study groups where students can learn together
  • maintaining a healthy classroom atmosphere
  • working with students to determine how the class works best together
  • coordinating group activities and extracurricular events
  • communicating with parents regarding attendance, student goals, and learning

Who is the right student for the High School Hub?

High School Hub students:

  • want to learn and are determined to complete their online programs
  • are responsible and respectful so that the HSH classroom is a great place for everyone to learn
  • are committed to attending class regularly and following class rules, just as they would in a traditional high school
  • will work cooperatively with their fellow students and the class coordinator

How do parents/guardians fit in?

Parents and guardians have important responsibilities in making sure their children succeed at the High School Hub:

  • working with the student to decide which online high school provider their child will use
  • working with the student to select appropriate courses each semester
  • providing the student with all materials needed for success – supplies, reference materials, computers, applications, headphones and other technology needs
  • connecting with the online high school provider for student concerns that can’t be resolved by the student and the HSH class coordinator
  • agreeing to Wellington Hall Academy guidelines and policies
  • supporting HSH class activities

How do I apply?

HSH application materials will be available on the website on May 10, 2019. Applying to HSH will require:

  • A reference letter from a past teacher
  • A reference letter from a character reference (coach, pastor, employer, etc)
  • A short written essay on reasons for wanting to join the High School Hub
  • An in-person interview
  • Application form: 2019-20 HSH Application

How much does it cost?

$6000 for full year

$4000 per semester, if you attend semester by semester

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Stay tuned for dates of High School Hub Info Nights.