Our goal is to ensure that placement at Wellington Hall Academy is in the best interest of the student, as well as to meet the behavioural and academic expectations of the school and parents.

The admission process typically follows this process for kindergarten to grade 8:

1. Book a Tour

Parents are invited to tour the school. Children can come along, or some parents prefer to visit themselves first. The visit will provide information on daily routines, curriculum, evaluation procedure, and student expectations. During the visit, parents and school staff can discuss the child’s educational background, interests, and needs. Click here to book a tour. It is helpful if parents bring a copy of the child’s latest report card and any documentation relevant to the student’s placement (e.g. an IEP or any relevant assessments) to the tour.

2. Student Visit

If the child did not attend the initial tour, a second tour time should be scheduled for them to see the school and meet the principal and teachers. Prospective students in grades 1 to 8 may spend a day at Wellington Hall and participate in classroom activities in their present grade placement during less busy months of the school year (October to March). Prospective kindergarten students are also welcome to come for a short visit with their potential new class and teacher. An orientation day for new kindergarteners is held every spring.

These visits give children time to learn about WHA and to meet students and teachers; it also gives our teachers a chance to assess the child’s educational abilities and needs.

3. Apply for Admission

Our office will send you our application forms.