We believe that studying the arts and fostering creative expression is essential in the education of young people. We ensure that each child has a strong foundation in basic skills, but we also provide arts instruction and opportunities that go far beyond that found in typical K-8 schools. Our art, music, dance, and drama teachers are highly skilled and experienced, and instruction in these areas is of a very high quality.

Drama & Dance

Every spring, the school produces a full-scale musical theatre production at Guelph Little Theatre, in which all students are involved in performing, production of costumes and sets, and technical aspects of the production. In recent years, we have featured such productions as Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Shrek, and The Wizard of Oz. The drama productions integrate many aspects our school programs, including music (singing), art (set design), technology (lights & sound), and physical education (movement & dance).


Students learn music fundamentals in a variety of ways. All students are members of the Wellington Hall Choir. We encourage the enjoyment of vocal expression through singing. Instruction can also include learning various instruments, drumming and other rhythm activities, as well as electronic composition. Many of the pieces learned through the year are presented at events such as holiday concerts, the Awards and Graduation Ceremony, or drama productions.

Visual Arts & Design

Students of all grades participate in art and design classes, and art is incorporated into many other homeroom academic subjects. This work fosters children’s tremendous creative abilities by offering training in lettering, painting, craft design, sculpture, drawing, and creating theatrical props.

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