Head of School

Catherine Huntley

Dear Parents,

Are you searching for a school where your child will love learning, engage in many different activities, and learn in a manner that supports their personality and learning style? Wellington Hall Academy is the school you are seeking. My name is Catherine Huntley and I am the Head of School for Wellington Hall Academy, where teaching is my passion and helping each child succeed is essential.

I believe that children thrive in an environment that offers success, challenges, opportunities to learn using a variety of styles and methods, organization, fun, and guidance. Each child is unique, and our children, with the direction and encouragement from peers, their parents, and our staff, reach high levels of success reflective of both their individual skills and personalities.

I welcome your interest in Wellington Hall. If you would like to hear more about the learning opportunities that Wellington Hall offers your children, you are warmly invited to contact us. We would be pleased to meet and discuss their individual needs and to show you around the school. Please feel free to contact me directly at by either e-mail or phone.

Together we can nurture your child’s personal and educational growth.

Yours truly,

Catherine Huntley

Taking a school tour is the best way to see what it’s really like

to be a WHA student and parent.