Learning Beyond the Classroom

Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the Wellington Hall student experience. These activities augment our classroom teaching and prepare students for their role in the world.

Leadership, Responsibility, and Citizenship – The small size of our school offers students many opportunities to develop leadership and citizenship skills – through formal opportunities like student council and in classroom work and discussions. Students are encouraged to suggest projects and activities for the school. And the active mixing of different age groups allows our older students to develop as mentors. Activities such as hosting annual Remembrance Day ceremonies at Marymount Cemetery, volunteering at Hopewell House, and conducting living history interviews with seniors strengthen our students’ sense of community and social responsibility.

The Environment and the Outdoors – We want our students to understand and value our natural environment, to recognize the role and importance of agriculture, and to learn to enjoy time in nature. We spend nearly double the mandated time in outdoor recess, have outdoor physical education in all seasons, and frequently partake in activities such as gardening, outdoor science classes, hikes, cross-country running, and Earth Day clean-ups. Field trips to Mansfield Outdoor Centre, Guelph Outdoor School, and the Guelph Lake Nature Centre reinforce these values.