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Wellington Hall Academy

We are a private JK- Gr 8 school serving the families of Guelph and surrounding communities. We maintain a very low student-to-teacher ratio so that each child can receive the attention they need to truly learn and believe in themselves. No two children learn the same, so our teachers have a flexible approach that harnesses the strengths within each student.

We know every student can succeed. And we know that a small school and small classes can create big opportunity.

How our school can benefit your child

A smaller school can create BIG opportunities


Maximum class size of 16 for grades 1-8, and 12 for kindergarten – teachers can address each student’s strengths and needs


A program that provides students with a strong foundation in all core subjects through our experiential, hands-on curriculum


High-quality visual and performing arts, French, and STEM – all starting in kindergarten


Teaching with a growth mindset – each student works at their own level and has their own individual goals and successes


Encouragement of critical thinking, leadership, and emotional regulation


Ample outdoor time


A safe environment – we do not tolerate bullying

Taking a school tour is the best way to see what it’s really like

to be a WHA student and parent.


Wellington Hall Academy is a private JK-Grade 8 school. We follow and go beyond the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Our primary focus is to ensure that each child has a strong foundation in language, mathematics, science, technology, French, and social sciences.


We believe that studying the arts and fostering creative expression is essential in the education of young people. We ensure that each child has a strong foundation in basic skills, but we also provide arts instruction and opportunities that go far beyond that found in typical K-8 schools. Our art, music, dance, and drama teachers are highly skilled and experienced, and instruction in these areas is of a very high quality. Every spring, the school produces a full-scale musical theatre production at Guelph Little Theatre. View our 2023 production.


Our current global experiences clearly demonstrate the need for education that fosters the critical thinking, creativity, hands-on skills, and resilience of our youngest citizens. Students at WHA will receive a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences through classroom and experiential learning, as well as a focus on ecological sciences and environmental stewardship.

Parent Testimonial

Excited to Go to School

Our children joined WHA in grade 1 and kindergarten. The small class sizes provide wonderful individual attention and a nurturing environment, while the school community is tight-knit and supportive in children’s social development. The attention paid to personal growth, social interactions, and friendship building is really impressive.

We can see a passion for school and learning in both of our children: they are genuinely excited to go to school, and love their teachers and classes. In core academic subjects, they have made tremendous strides—they have learnt more in a few short months at Wellington Hall Academy than they did during years in their previous school!

– Kate, Parent

Outstanding Teacher

Our child loves going to school every day at Wellington Hall Academy! He joined WHA at age 7, easily making the transition from an outdoor school to this vibrant independent school situated on expansive grounds that include fields, forests, and gardens. His outstanding teacher meets kids where they are, responds to what they need, gives them time to dive deeper, and encourages them to take ownership of their learning. She also maintains a wonderfully open channel of communication with families. The class is small enough to allow individualized attention yet large enough to foster diversity. Thanks to this—as well as to the school’s exceptional, dedicated staff and to the vision and wisdom of Head of School, Catherine Huntley—our child is flourishing academically and socially.

– Kate & David, Parents

Deep Sense Of Belonging And Community

Our daughter is a keen learner who loves art, science and nature. We were looking for a school where small class sizes would allow teachers to nurture kids’ natural curiosity, while also supporting their social and emotional growth. We have found that school in WHA. Our daughter receives daily one-on-one attention from her teachers. She has developed a deep sense of belonging and community with the other students. The different grade levels all interact with each other, and many grades are often combined together for classes like coding, dance, music and drama. This has been a massive benefit to our daughter. She has developed leadership skills by interacting with younger students, and has made friends both within and outside of her grade. Students have ample opportunities to pursue learning in ways that suit them best, and we have witnessed our daughter grow confidence both socially and academically. We are incredibly grateful to have found WHA!

– Bailey, Parent

Outdoor Education Balances Academics

It was very important to us that our children had lots of time in nature and moving their bodies. The outdoor education at WHA balances the academic learning so beautifully; our children come home teaching us about wild plants, animal habitats, and trees. They never complain of boredom at school, because their learning is so interspersed with adventures! Even at their young ages, they have learned so much about biology and the environment and have developed a true passion for nature. We could not be happier about our decision to send our children to Wellington Hall Academy.

– David, Parent

A Family at School

Our son started at WHA in January 2020 as a grade 1 student. He has blossomed, gaining confidence in himself both socially and academically. He is excited about school! Our daughter loves kindergarten at WHA. The small class sizes, caring teachers, and inclusive environment create a “family” at school where the kids feel safe to express themselves and try new things. We are very happy to be part of the WHA family!

– Andria, Parent

Such A Wonderful School

Wellington Hall is such a wonderful school. Children are taught the way they learn best instead of having to fit into the “square” of the standard school system! Catherine is an amazing leader and teacher to help our children meet their greatest potential! Wish we had found Wellington Hall years ago!

– Tammy, Parent

Life-Changing For My Son

Wellington Hall Academy has been life-changing for my son. The program is high academics balanced with outdoor learning and an inclusive community. The support and care my son receives ripples into our family life. He laughs more than ever before and NEVER wants to miss a day of school. We feel blessed to have found such a gift for his journey through school and learning.

– Karen, Parent

An Extremely Positive Experience

Wellington Hall has been an all-around positive experience for my son. Catherine Huntley and her staff create a safe, inclusive environment that makes the children feel at ease. The children are taught at their ability level instead of their age level, which has been empowering for my son. This school has been an extremely positive experience for my son and our family. I highly recommend this school.

– Tiffany, Parent

We Couldn’t Be Happier

Wellington Hall has been like a strong warm hug. Catherine Huntley has been available and so receptive and willing to help our daughter in the way she needs help. Small classes are great for learning and reducing social anxiety. The teachers have time to get to know the kids. They are kind and empathetic – and creative. We couldn’t be happier.

– Liz, Parent

Offers Everything That Any Parent Wishes

WHA offers everything that any parent wishes to have: quick and efficient communication with the very dedicated school staff, a very supportive and inclusive environment for all students, and, most importantly, luxuriously low class sizes to ensure adequate focus and attention on all students to inspire and support learning. Time and time again my daughter reminds me how much she enjoys WHA and it shows. She feels absolutely supported by her teacher and knows that when she needs to reach out for extra help her teacher is always there for her.  She went from being overwhelmed and struggling in the public system to absolutely thriving at WHA in the first 3 weeks of school! WHA definitely sets the benchmark for what every school in Ontario should offer.

– Karolina, Parent