Mission, Vision and Values

Learning is an active process of developing knowledge and skills. At Wellington Hall, we promote learning that is stimulating, challenging and life-long. We welcome participation and suggestions from parents to help meet these objectives.

Mission Statement

At Wellington Hall we design personalized educational programs for your student in order to develop community leaders, creative thinkers, and strong learners, all while adhering to highly structured academic standards.

Vision Statement

Our Creators – Wellington Hall believes in a multidisciplinary approach to educating our students. No one child learns the same, so our teachers have a flexible approach that harnesses the creative and leadership potential within our students. Our project-based education style encourages students to develop their inquisitive natures, allowing our students to not only perceive their worlds in a new light but, also address how their world interacts with others.
Our Classroom – Our school community has members from many different walks of life and the immersion we provide students enables our students to see values in others and themselves. Our Academic program pushes our students to achieve levels that they never thought were possible, we teach our students on how to understand a basic approach to concepts and then apply that approach in new and insightful ways. We instruct more than just academics at WHA, we instruct new ways of thinking, by mandating student participation in our performance art programs, our students discover unfound musical, movement, and speaking talents.

Our Playground – An important aspect of our educational philosophy is engagement. An active student who is excited to learn motivates themselves and others to new levels of potential. By encouraging our students to play and self-discover they develop a strong desire to challenge themselves. This foundation combines to foster a love of learning and a contagious pursuit that has our students sitting on the edge of their seats.