Junior and Senior Kindergarten

Introduction to school and the educational process should be a positive and exciting time. Wellington Hall Academy promotes discovery and exploration through its theme based and activity centred program. Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten programmes are well balanced, integrating traditional teaching with discovery based learning. Students experience individual and small group learning activities. Teachers provide guidance in the child’s social and emotional development.

Programme Courses

  • Language Arts Oral Expression
  • Written Expression
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • French (Oral)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education & Health
  • The Arts Visual Arts, Music, Drama
  • Computer/Technology

Language Arts
Oral Expression and Listening are essential components of the Language Arts program. Students are provided with many opportunities such as Sharing Time, Extemporantious Speaking and Public Speaking, to develop their oral communication skills. They are also taught listening skills and to evaluate this information.

Written Expression
Writing skills are developed by utilizing phonetics skills and sight words. Students are encouraged to use strategies for spelling and correct penmanship. Journal entries or penmanship exercises are completed on a daily basis. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of sentence structure.

Phonetics and Reading
A systematic phonetic programme provides students with strategies for decoding the written word. Beginning readers also utilize sight vocabulary, context cues and rhyming skills to assist them complete a variety of reading comprehension activities.

The French programme is primarily an oral program. New vocabulary is developed through various themes, sing songs, role playing and games. Key French vocabulary and phrases introduced include: numerals, colours, days of week, greetings, expression of feelings, family members, things in their environment and seasonally related vocabulary.

Wellington Hall students are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity, in order to find solutions and develop their understanding of basic concepts of mathematics.

Science and Social Studies
Throughout the Kindergarten year, students learn about the world around them. The Science and Social Studies Program is based on a variety of thematic units of study including such topics such as: history, geography, environmental studies, nature (living things), space, dinosaurs, etc. The curriculum content is not only introduced to provide children with a better understanding of the world around them, but to develop skills of comparing, contrasting, researching, experimenting and communicating.

Physical Education and Health
Our Kindergarten Physical Education programme primarily focuses on the development of fine and gross motor skills, development of cooperative activities and the encouragement of maintaining a good level of fitness. Student safety issues related to play, swimming, biking, hygiene and foods are topics of study.

The Arts

Students develop a greater understanding of rhythm, melody and beat through movement, song and instrumental playing.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts program provides Kindergarten students with an opportunity to explore their creativity and develop fine motor skills through completion of projects using a variety of mediums such as paint, modeling clay, pencil/crayon drawing, wood working and textiles.

Drama is an important component of the Language Arts Programme, developing both oral language skills as well as confidence in expression of body movement. Kindergarten students participate in school drama productions in addition to ongoing role playing activities.

Computer Technology
The Computer Technology programme focuses on providing general computer awareness to the student. Students specifically learn about the hardware components, become familiar with keyboard technique and utilize specific software as an adjunct to the Language Arts and Mathematics programmes.