iThemba Projects


Sbongisi'busiso pre-school

Through the organisation iThemba Projects Wellington Hall has adopted the pre-school Sbongisi'busiso (which is a Zulu word that means: Composer of praise and blessing) in Mpumuza, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. This crèche (pre-school) is run by 2 people - Sbu and Sbongile, and it has recently just opened up.

Mpumuza is an impoverished area that is home to between 50000 and 60000 people. Youth and children make up the majority of these people. Sadly, the area is characterised by poor housing and a limited supply of essential services and facilities. Poverty is rife, and  the majority of the community lack the skills or the relatively small setup capital to produce food of their own.

There is a proliferation of primary and high schools in the Mpumuza district, but most are under resourced and under staffed. Class sizes are often much higher than optimum size, especially in the high schools. Possibly the biggest problem is that most of the learners do not learn the required basic skills in early childhood that are foundational to performing well at school and consequently perform poorly when they enter the formal education system.

Wellington Hall Academy teamed up with iThemba projets through one of our teachers (Kris Ferguson) who comes from the region in order to support a small pre-school. We have a list of their needs, and organise an annual fundraiser to support the school with supplies and toys.Our Pre- and Juniorschool children started some correspondence between them and the children of the pre-school. Here some photos of the children playing with the toys that we were able to buy for them.