The table below sets our Wellington Hall’s fees for tuition, accessory and book fees.

Total Annual Tuition Fees

Full Day Tuition (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8) $9,000.00
Half Day Tuition (Junior and Senior Kindergarten) $7,800.00


Additional Fees (JK to Grade 8)

Book fee $500.00
Arts Supply fee $200.00

Payment Options


Full Payment Plan

  Due Date Full Day Half Day
Deposit Upon registration $1,000 $1,000
Balance   $8,700 $7,500


Standard Payment Plan

Deposit Upon registration $1,000 $1,000
First Installment   $2,900 $2,500
Second Installment   $2,900 $2,500
Third Installment   $2,900 $2,500


Monthly Payment Plan

$1,000 deposit upon registration, followed by 10 consectutive monthly payments of $870 for full-day students, or 10 consective monthly payments of $750 for half-day students. Post-dated cheques are required and must be received by September 1.