Admission Procedure

Our goal is to ensure that placement at Wellington Hall Academy is in the best interest of the student, as well as meet the behavioural and academic expectations of the school and parents.

The typical admission process follows these procedures:

  1. Parents receive a copy of the school perspective.
  2. Parents and students are invited to an Admission Interview and tour the school. The Admission Interview will provide parents with additional information on daily routines, grooming and behaviour codes, curriculum and evaluation procedure, as well as discuss child’s educational needs and placement at Wellington Hall Academy.
  3. Students from Grades 1 to 8 are requested to spend a Visitation Day in their present grade placement and will participate in classroom activities during this time. Junior and Senior Kindergarten students will be provided with an orientation day during the month of May.
  4. Prior to a Visitation Day, parents must provide Wellington Hall with a copy of the latest report card and any documentation (ie. IPRC) relevant to the student’s placement. Completion of a Visitation Day form is required.

A completed application for admission to Wellington Hall will include forms that can be found here.

WHA New Student Registration & forms Booklet

You may also obtain these forms from the School Administration Office.